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In 2015 Colin will continue racing as a professional triathlete while integrating crucial mountaineering and polar expeditions to his training regime. This will ensure he is properly prepared to set the Grand Slam world record in 2016.  Decades of high level endurance training have prepared Colin’s body and mind for high performance. Though the field of play is shifting from the racecourse to the mountains, Colin’s experience as an endurance athlete will ensure he is ready for this mission. Any one of these expeditions on their own is incredibly challenging therefore Colin’s quest to conquer them back to back will be the ultimate endurance challenge.

November 2013

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 19,340ft

Colin’s first climb of one of the seven summits, he will repeat this climb for the Grand Slam world record


October/November 2014

Ecuador’s three tallest peaks; glaciated, technical climbing

Volcan Cayambe, 18,993ft

Cotopaxi, 19,347ft

Chimborazo, 20,564ft


Throughout 2015

Professional Triathlon circuit

Weekly training regime of 25 hours swimming, biking, and running

Colin will race several professional triathlon events throughout the year including IRONMAN Japan


February 2015

Mt. Rainer, Washington 14,409ft8–day winter expedition training and climb


Spring/Summer 2015

Various day and weekend climbs of nearby Cascade Volcanoes

Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens Three Sisters etc.


April 2015

Napa triathlon Olympic Distance


May 2015

Challenge Knoxville Half Ironman distance


June 2015

Pacific Crest triathlon Half Ironman distance


August 2015

Ironman Japan (2.4 miles Swim, 112 miles Bike, 26.2 miles Run)

Colin’s final professional triathlon race before the Grand Slam


August – October 2015

Manaslu, Nepal 26,759ft

Himalaya High Altitude Training on the world’s 6th tallest mountain



Colin grew up in the Pacific Northwest making countless trips to the backcountry, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, skiing, and climbing mountains.

2000 Three Finger Jack, Oregon, USA 7,844 ft, 5.5 multi-pitch summit block
2003 South Sister, Oregon, USA 10,358 ft
2004 Cotopaxi attempt, Ecuador 17,500 ft, turned back in snowstorm
90-day NOLS course in Chilean, PatagoniaFirst Ascent of glaciated peak Cerro La Drillero ~5,500ft
2005 Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA, 11,250 ft, Leuthold Couloir Route
2006 South Sister, Oregon, USA 10,358 ft
2008 Mt. Olympus, Washington, USA  7,980 ft, Glacier with 5.4 multi-pitch summit block
 Cathedral Peak, California, USA  10,911 ft, 5.6 multi-pitch granite
2009 Mt. Yale, Colorado, USA  14,199 ft
2013  Mt Fuji, Japan  12,380 ft
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, 19,341 ft
2014 Cerro Pasochoa, Ecuador 13,776 ft
Gua Gua Pichincha, Ecuador 15,728 ft
Volcan Cayambe, Ecuador 18,993 ft
Cotopaxi, Ecuador 19,347 ft
Chimborazo, Ecuador 20,564 ft
Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA 11,250 ft
North Sister winter attempt, Oregon, USA 10,085ft, turned back due to ice/snow conditions
2015 Mt. St. Helens, Washington, USA 8,366 ft, Solo Winter Climb
Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA 11,250 ft, Solo Winter Climb
Alpine Ascents 8-Day Denali Prep winter mountaineering course, Mt. Rainier, Washington, USA