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BEYOND 7/2 aims to create positive community impact by inspiring kids to lead active, healthy lifestyles and in turn happier and more successful lives. We all have a role to play in helping change the environments where kids live, learn and play. Childhood obesity rates have challenged us to get involved and do our part. It’s an important cause that needs our nation’s attention. Learn more about the cause and help spread the word today. Let’s help kids thrive!

We’ve partnered with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a catalyst for children’s health. Our goal is to raise funds and awareness to help support their programs. You can learn more about them below. And, read some of the great articles by leaders, organizations, and advocates supporting positive change in this space.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation: About Us

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation is leading the way for children’s health. The Alliance works with schools, companies, community organizations, healthcare professionals, and families to build healthier environments where children thrive. LEARN MORE

Alliance for a Healthier Generation: Healthy Schools Program

The Alliance’s Healthy Schools program is an evidence-based, national initiative grounded in a six-step process that guides schools to create implement and sustain healthy environments. LEARN MORE

Alliance for a Healthier Generation: Healthier Generation Benefit

The Healthier Generation Benefit is a program created through an unprecedented coalition to offer health benefits to children and families for the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. LEARN MORE

Alliance for a Healthier Generation: Team Healthier Generation

Team Healthier Generation is a family-friendly endurance training and fundraising program, aiming to motivate, support, and guide members in their journey to reach the finish line, all while raising essential funds and awareness to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity. LEARN MORE

Alliance for a Healthier Generation: Healthy Out-of-School Time

The Alliance’s Healthy Out-of-School Time initiative provides out-of-school-time programs with the resources needed to increase children’s access to healthier foods and physical activity. LEARN MORE

Alliance for a Healthier Generation: Industry

The childhood obesity epidemic is complex and will take all sectors – public and private – working together in order to create bold solutions that will ultimately reverse the trend and benefit our kids. LEARN MORE

Bullying, Bullycide and Childhood Obesity by JoAnn Stevelos, MS, MPH

Bullying has become an epidemic. Many children are victims bullying, and overweight children are especially targeted. The Obesity Action Coalition has compiled some alarming statistics through a recent national survey. The OAC is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals affected by the disease of obesity. LEARN MORE

Inspiring kids to do a triathlon

This is a story about a kids triathlon, but it is more importantly about inspiring kids to go outside and be active versus sitting in front of a screen. LEARN MORE

NY Times: A Seismic Shift in How People Eat

It’s easy to make fun of people in big cities for their obsession with gluten, or chia seeds, or cleanses. But urbanites are not the only ones turning away from the products created by big food companies. Eating habits are changing across the country and food companies are struggling to keep up. LEARN MORE

Eating more fruits, veggies in youth linked to healthy heart decades later

Eating more fruits and vegetables as a young adult may keep your arteries free of heart disease 20 years later, according to research in the American Heart Association journal Circulation. LEARN MORE